SVC Guild is the apex body that monitors the conduct of the Smart-Vocab Challenger. It is the conscious- keeper of the engagement and this body ensures that the values, that have been so carefully drafted, are adhered to, while executing the process in letter and spirit. The SVC Guild is a conglomeration of educationists from various participating schools who commit to devote energies to the cause that Smart-Vocab Challenger propagates (which is to inspire students to indulge in nuances of the language in a manner that is fun yet enriching).

The SVC Guild also decides on how the the Benevolent Fund (created from surplus of collections) is to be spent on students from the weaker section of the society. The Guild necessarily meets at least once a year in New Delhi




We were engaged by Mother Dairy to infuse excitement in the Brand – while also creating awareness among parents on the goodness of milk.

  • MILK-Week was conceived and executed in schools where we got a battery of dieticians to counsel parents on the qualities of milk and how to handle kids who are averse to milk
  • An extremely exciting engagement based on a Reverse Questioning construct was conceived – interestingly called Ja Pahele Doodh Pike Aa and was a big hit.

We were engaged by Mother Dairy for the launch of their pro-biotic Milk - Nutrifit

  • The objective was to create more awareness on health, having a balanced diet and creating a strong immune system among school going kids.
  • Solution: We developed an underlying theme of educating the parents on the need to build up a strong immune system of the children which is very important at this age.

We were engaged by IMAX for popularizing the IMAX experience for their film – SPACE STATION

  • The idea was to engage and showcase the entire SPACE STATION experience to the end user.
  • We created a real time experience zone based on SPACE STATION.
  • The first 3D space adventure from IMAX was worth the wait was the review we got from the spectators.
  • Unparalleled experience was our aim.

We also helped LUXOR launch the book – writing the right way

  • The idea was to engage students and help the brand launch the book in the territories of Punjab and Haryana.
  • We created a platform and held various workshops regarding the concept.
  • The first 3D space adventure from IMAX was worth the wait was the review we got from the spectators.

We were engaged by Hindustan Times for the launch of HT NEXT – a paper for schools

  • This was a feather in our cap as Hindustan Times has a school-arm – HT PACE – and they chose us despite having an internal route
  • HT NEXT also associated itself with our own property – Smart Vocab Challenger and reached out to students all over through SVC’s medium