Perfecting a language is sheer pleasure and indulgence.
Language proficiency beyond a threshold level of understanding gets to be much more fun.

16 Years of history


The engagement takes off under the aegis of Smart-Vocab Challenger in Delhi

Spreading Our Wings

The engagement spreads to the NCR


Spell-checks are dropped from the contest and the focus on Vocabulary gets more intense

Initiating Juniors

A separate Junior Section is introduced to accommodate students from Class VI to Class VIII

We got ourselves a GUILD

SVC Guild is formed as the apex body of teachers to advice on the execution of the engagement

Moved beyond NCR

The engagement spreads to other cities beyond NCR of Delhi

Hey Teacher!

SVC Guild Meets are held for a better interface with the teaching fraternity

Evolving For Excellance

The Question format changes to include usage and other nuances of the language such as metaphors and similes

Waking up to the Bard

Shakespeare and works of other prominent writers are included in the contest

Value Adds

The result-sheets are made more elaborate to identify areas of development for the participants (provided to schools on request)

Value Adds

Started conducting a completely seperate test for Class VIII Students

Introduced MCQs

in the Zonals

Workbooks Introduced

and are a big hit

Winners' Conclave

A special prize distribution ceremony to felicitate winners at various levels.

Superlative Prize



The current curriculum of boards such as CBSE has made it mandatory that students engage themselves in projects under the CCE plan – and Smart-Vocab Challenger makes the cut.

Learn appropriate usage

Smart-Vocab Challenger is not just about inspiring you to dig deep within your repertoire of vocabulary but it makes you conscious of the appropriate usage.

Power to influence

Your power to influence and make a mark enhances considerably as your expression gets tighter and more impactful.

Think coherently and comprehend better

A good vocabulary also opens up your mind and helps you to think coherently and comprehend better.

Boosts self confidence

A strong vocabulary and an impactful expression boosts self confidence as it enables you to express yourself better and more eloquently.



The inability to communicate effectively is an impediment not only professionally but in social and personal relationships also.

We believe that having a good vocabulary is more than knowing a large amount of words - it is the ability to choose words with greater precision and at the appropriate moment. 

SVC is not just about inspiring the students to focus on their vocabulary but it makes them conscious of appropriate usage.
There are two ways that you can reach us: Either you can approach your English teacher at school who can get in touch with us or You can drop us a mail at and we will approach your school with the necessary papers.
The question papers are set by SVC Guild which is a conglomeration of educationists from various participating schools who commit to devote energies to the cause which Smart-Vocab Challenger propagates.

It is the apex body which monitors the conduct of the Smart-Vocab challenger. The question papers are corrected by a separate team of specialists at the backend office.
In normal circumstances the Round 1 (written test) is held after a gap of 14 days from the day of enrollment. The SVC Booklet is distributed within a couple of days post the enrollment to provide the participants with sufficient time to familiarize themselves with the Questions for Round 1.

The Zonal Round (Round 2) is held a week after the results of Round 1 are declared.

The Final (Round 3) is held a week (minimum) after the last Round 2 is completed.
Please tell your child to approach his/her English teacher or mail us at so that we can contact the school with the required presentation.
  1. Much of School's focus is on prose and comprehension. Vocabulary, though emphasized, is often a residual portion of the English-teaching. Smart-Vocab Challenger fills that gap by facilitating the cultivation of students' interest in Vocabulary and other nuances of the language thereby assisting the English Teachers in their endeavour to get students to indulge in the language and its vibrancy.

  2. The School authorities can, if they deem it fit, make the Smart-Vocab Challenger a project under the CCE umbrella.
There is a nominal Fee that a participant is supposed to pay for enrollment for the Smart-Vocab Challenger.

An inimitable format and process makes the Smartl-Vocab Challenger an engaging contest for the participants.There are 3 Rounds to the coveted Smart-Vocab Challenger Trophy and there are 2 levels of SVC : Junior (Classes VI, VII & VIII) & Senior (Classes IX, X & XI). Read More...


Written Test

40 min Test held in School

Zonal Round

A Quiz with School Winners within the same Zone

Final Round

Between Zonal Winners in a Quiz Format


years of inspiring students


Schools or more


Student participations


SVC Certificates issued


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Often English is taken for granted, ironically this is the very subject which is the backbone for all other subjects yet the most neglected one. Svc gave my students an impetus to learn and know the language better .

Rashima Kasal, Teacher, DPS Noida