SVC Guild is the apex body that monitors the conduct of the Smart Vocab Challenger and is the conscious keeper of the engagement.




Dolly Haryal

Secretary General

Dolly Haryal has been associated with the SVC Guild since inception. She brings to the table all her experience as an educationist and school administrator. A former Vice Principal – Dolly Haryal ensures that we are always on track and that we stay focused to the vision and objectives of SVC Guild. While we keep experimenting, evolving and improving with every outing – Dolly keeps a strict eye to ensure that we stay true to our value-system.


Project Director

Shyamala is a former banker and she gave up her job to do something more meaningful for society. Concerned with the lack of engagement of students in urban India – she brings to the SVC Guild sensitivity laced with a sense of purpose. Not only does she give direction to the operations of the Smart-Vocab Challenger – she is spear-heading the SVC Guild's programme for kids from the weaker section of the society. Shyamala is also the conscious-keeper of the SVC-Guild.

Mini Narayan

Project Head

Mini has been engaged in virtually every aspect of the Smart-Vocab Challenger operations right from its inception. She knows the domain inside out and has toiled hard over all these years to ensure that the platform grows and that it reaches more and more schools. The intensity and passion with which Mini manages the show is something that most schools, particularly in the NCR of Delhi, have come to respect and adore.

Padma Nair

Project Coordinator

Padma Nair's claim to fame, by her own admittance, is her daughter's high score in TOEFL! Padma manages the backend for the Smart Vocab Challenger and is 'go-to' person for just about everyone. Padma ensures that the process runs its course in a manner that's efficient and responsive.