The inability to communicate effectively is an impediment not only professionally but in social and personal relationships also.

We believe that having a good vocabulary is more than knowing a large amount of words - it is the ability to choose words with greater precision and at the appropriate moment. 

SVC is not just about inspiring the students to focus on their vocabulary but it makes them conscious of appropriate usage.
There are two ways that you can reach us: Either you can approach your English teacher at school who can get in touch with us or You can drop us a mail at and we will approach your school with the necessary papers.
The question papers are set by SVC Guild which is a conglomeration of educationists from various participating schools who commit to devote energies to the cause which Smart-Vocab Challenger propagates.

It is the apex body which monitors the conduct of the Smart-Vocab challenger. The question papers are corrected by a separate team of specialists at the backend office.
Ideally the written test is held 14 days from the day of enrollment.

The booklet is distributed the next day the school enrolls so that children have sufficient time to prepare for Round 1. Round 2 is held a week after the results of Round 1 in the particular zone are declared. Round 3 is held a week (minimum) after the last Round 2 is completed.
Please tell your child to approach his/her English teacher or mail us at so that we can contact the school with the required presentation.
There is a nominal Fee that a participant is supposed to pay for enrollment for the Smart-Vocab Challenger.
The Round 1 is conducted during the zero-period in the participating School. The Round 2, the Zonal Round, is held in the auditorium of one of the participating schools within the Zone. The Final Round, Round 3, is held in the auditorium of any one leading schools in the city.
  • Much of School's focus is on prose and comprehension. Vocabulary, though emphasized, is often a residual portion of the English-teaching. Smart-Vocab Challenger fills that gap by facilitating the cultivation of students' interest in Vocabulary and other nuances of the language thereby assisting the English Teachers in their endeavour to get students to indulge in the language and its vibrancy.

  • The School authorities can, if they deem it fit, make the Smart Vocab Challenger a project under the CCE umbrella.
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